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This Clinical Trial Matching and Referral Service is confidential and free of charge to our users. Here is how it works:


The Matching System

  1. Complete a Patient Profile
  2. Match to Clinical Trials
  3. Answer Additional Questions

The Referral System

  1. Review Your Match Results
  2. Submit an Application

  1. Complete a Patient Profile
    To begin the matching process, complete a Patient Profile questionnaire for yourself, a loved one, or your patient. To begin, click Create a Patient Profile.
    • The Patient Profile is a questionnaire that asks about a patient's diagnosis, condition, and treatment history.
    • We encourage you to talk with your doctor or nurse to answer some of the detailed medical questions.
    • You can save, complete or update your Patient Profile at any time.
    • You can also delete your Patient Profile at any time.
    • You can submit the profile for matching even if you select " Not sure " for some answers. Please be aware that the more information you provide, the greater your chance of matching to a trial.
    • You may Contact Us by email or call our toll-free number at 1-877-601-8601 if you have questions about filling out the profile.

  2. Match to Clinical Trials
    After completing or updating a Patient Profile, click the Match to Trials button. Your answers are then compared to the clinical trial entry criteria and the locations of each clinical trial in our database.
    • You will see a list of clinical trials that have openings for patients who match the profile you submitted.
    • Each profile you create - along with the match results - is stored automatically under Saved Patient Profiles .

  3. Answer Additional Questions
    You may be asked additional questions that will help determine your eligibility for specific trials in the database. After you answer these questions, they are added to your Patient Profile and you can resubmit it for matching.
    • A message at the top of the list of matched clinical trials will indicate that the profile might match additional studies, but more information is needed.
    • The answers to the additional questions are automatically stored under Saved Patient Profiles .

  1. Review Your Match Results
    We strongly encourage you to review your match results with a trusted doctor to determine which of the clinical trials, if any, might be appropriate for you. You may also wish to talk with other patients or a patient advocacy organization. Remember: Deciding to participate in a clinical trial is your choice.

  2. Submit an Application
    You may continue the process of connecting to any of the clinical trials that interest you by providing with your phone number and e-mail address. We will also ask you for permission to contact you (see our Privacy Policy).

    Our staff will contact you by telephone or by e-mail (if you have given permission to do so) to verify your application and help provide more information about the clinical trial, give you the trial coordinator's contact information, and help lay out the steps you need to take to make your first appointment.

    • Since we do not distribute your contact information, it will be your responsibility to schedule the appointment with the study coordinator. However, members of the staff can help you. Call our toll-free number at 1-877-601-8601.
    • Remember that the clinical trial coordinator must get additional information from you before a final enrollment decision can be made.


For more information, please read About Clinical Trials and our Terms & Conditions.
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