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Why should you partner with EmergingMed?  

EmergingMed's 14 year operating experience has confirmed feedback first gathered by our staff in 1999 during a series of interviews with patients and families, study teams, advocates, and regulators. We incorporated this feedback into the technology, data and workflows embedded in the CTNS. The highlights include:

  1. The average family or health care provider finds it very difficult to identify relevant trial matches on their own, especially in a short window of time.

  2. People who start a search for clinical trials and identify matches by phone with a trained EmergingMed Clinical Trial Navigator are 3x-4x more likely to connect with a trial site than are visitors who start their search and identify trial matches solely through an online search.

  3. Two-thirds of the enrollments that EmergingMed's Clinical Trial Navigators confirm during one-on-one follow-ups are to clinical trials whose sponsors or sites have contracted with EmergingMed to maintain referral quality data and trouble shoot addressable barriers.


Our Primary Solution  

EmergingMed's Clinical Trial Navigation Service (CTNS) is a turn-key, hosted solution that enables advocacy groups, trial sponsors, trial sites and research consortia to offer accurate, unbiased clinical trial education, matching and referral services to their constituents.

A privately branded CTNS allows our clients to feature their subset of trials from the national database in the first-pass match results, such as trials being offered at one location, trials designed for patients with a single tumor type, or trials sponsored by their organization.

When EmergingMed is asked to feature a sub-set of trials for a client's privately branded CTNS, we include easy access to a patient's matches from the national database in second-pass match results. The result is a network effect not seen by solutions with one-and-done, single study support. Our partner-specific CTNSs optimize the partner's referral and enrollment rates while also optimizing a patient's access to clinical trial options. Our partners' trials benefit from concierge support regardless of the channel or partner through which the patient or physician identified the trial match.

  For more information about partnering with EmergingMed, please email ContactUs@EmergingMed.com or call (212) 679-0072 ext 201.

Modified: August 2017
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