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EmergingMed Navigator Service  
EmergingMed Navigator is a highly personalized phone and web-based service that increases patient and physician access to new cancer therapies in development. EmergingMed helps trial sponsors and patient advocacy groups by providing prescreening, education and navigation support to patients, physicians and caregivers who are searching for clinical trial options. EmergingMed operates these services as a branded, turn-key solution for our partners.


What makes us different  
EmergingMed's commitment to personal service earns the trust of our customers. Through a patient-centered approach, our dedicated and compassionate Clinical Trial Specialists identify relevant clinical trial options. Patients are matched to trials based on individual clinical profiles, and our proprietary technology makes the whole process quick and efficient.


What we do for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies   
EmergingMed enables trial sponsors to reach patients and physicians who are looking for clinical trial options. We provide a centralized and turn-key service that facilitates efficient and cost-effective trial recruitment. EmergingMed can operate its proprietary services on behalf of biopharmaceutical companies, which are particularly effective when integrated with other targeted communications to patients and physicians. Through our highly-personalized services, EmergingMed supports biopharmaceutical company efforts to:

  • Inform patients, caregivers and physicians about clinical trials at critical decision points.

  • Increase patient referrals from EmergingMed's growing affiliate network.

  • Access motivated and qualified patients based on current clinical profiles (diagnosis, treatment history, co-morbidities).

  • Gain insights to factors impacting decisions and barriers while remaining compliant with national and international regulatory and privacy requirements.

  • Track effectiveness of recruitment efforts to maximize ROI.


What we do for Cancer Centers and Networks  
EmergingMed streamlines and accelerates trial recruitment for cancer centers and provider networks. Our centralized and turn-key services facilitate prescreening, education and referral of patients to trials enabling staff to focus on trial management. EmergingMed Navigator services provide the following benefits:

  • Ensure that trial information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Increase exposure to diverse patient populations through EmergingMed's network of affiliate organizations.

  • Prescreen and educate patients about clinical trial options.

  • Increase clinical trial revenues and profit margins while providing personalized patient care in clinical trial matching, prescreening and navigation.


What we do for Advocacy Groups  
EmergingMed supports the mission and service needs of advocacy groups through patient-centered services that provide access to new therapies in development, clinical research, patient education and informed choice.

  • Provide EmergingMed Navigator services to constituents through a link on advocacy group websites.

  • Offer phone- and web-based clinical trial prescreening and patient navigation services as a privately-branded service for advocacy groups.

  • Enable access to medically underserved constituents.

Modified: October 2014
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