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About EmergingMed   Top
EmergingMed® is the leading innovator in clinical trial enrollment optimization. The Company provides services for patients that raise awareness and facilitate access to clinical trials. These patient-focused services are part of the broader solution EmergingMed hosts for clinical trial sponsors and investigators to manage the complexities of patient identification, recruitment and retention.. The company's broader vision is to accelerate the discovery of new and better treatments for people with serious and life threatening medical conditions.


Our Mission   Top
EmergingMed's mission is to accelerate the discovery of new and better treatments for people with serious and life threatening medical conditions. Since 2000, the Company’s focus has been the creation of patient-centric tools and services that quickly and accurately connect patients and health care providers to clinical trials testing new therapies in development. EmergingMed is committed to getting the right information to the right person at the right time—always ensuring that information is presented in context and readily actionable.


Our Privacy Policy   Top
Our commitment to privacy and security is uncompromising and guides every decision we make. We will never sell or share your personal information. All information submitted to EmergingMed is password protected, confidential and secure. Please read our Privacy Policy for details.


Our Patented Clinical Trial Matching Service   Top
EmergingMed received a patent on its System and Method for Matching Patients to Clinical Trials (US Patent No. 7,711,580 B2) in May of 2010. This matching system shortens the clinical trial search process from weeks to minutes, helping users identify clinical trials with eligibility criteria that match a patient’s specific diagnosis, stage, symptoms, and treatment history.


Our History   Top
EmergingMed was founded in January 2000 after months of interviews with patients, advocates, caregivers and researchers who helped us understand the barriers, misperceptions, and logistical challenges associated with finding relevant clinical trials and making informed treatment decisions. The EmergingMed.com website and Clinical Trial Navigation Service launched in October 2000. As of November 2014, we have facilitated clinical trial searches for nearly 200,000 cancer patients and 100,000 patients with other serious and life threatening conditions.


Our Management   Top
EmergingMed's management team has proven that it is adept at innovating as well as scaling solutions to help bring new therapies to market while empowering patients to make more informed treatment decisions.

Courtney Hudson   Courtney Hudson, CEO and co-Founder
Courtney co-founded EmergingMed in January of 2000 after spending three years as a health services research analyst and institutional sales representative for CIBC Oppenheimer in New York City. Prior to joining the boutique investment firm, Courtney worked to launch three consecutive Medicaid-focused HMO start-ups on the east coast. She was responsible for early stage business development, information systems solutions, and/or quality management programs. In the third privately funded endeavor, she managed two new state insurance application filings.

Her interest in the creation of managed care organizations in the 1990's stemmed directly from her commitment to improving access to care for vulnerable populations. Between 1987 and 1992, Courtney worked with state and academic initiatives dedicated to improving clinical outcomes for low-income pregnant women and the chronically mentally ill population in Washington State. The success of these programs hinged on implementing patient-focused solutions and coordinated information sharing among local health and social service providers.

The creation of EmergingMed's patented Clinical Trial Navigation Services reflects Courtney's commitment to creating systemic solutions to that coordinate access to care and empower patients and health care providers with unbiased information to make more informed decisions. Read the Letter from the CEO to learn how she became committed to improving patients' access to clinical trials.
Courtney holds a B.S. in neurobiology from Yale University and an M.B.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle.
Robert Rutigliano, PhD, Director, Medical Information
Robert is a research scientist with 10 years of laboratory experience in Molecular Genetics and Medical Microbiology. Through a National Science Foundation training fellowship under the guidance of Dr. Dafna Bar-Sagi, Robert's research focused on signal transduction and cellular imaging of living cells in oncology. Robert has successfully parlayed his experience as a bench scientist into the role of incomparable educator of and advocate for patients as targeted therapies, molecular diagnostics, and gene expression profiling have become the centerpiece of cancer research and modern medicine.

Robert earned a B.A. in History from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, and a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Medical Microbiology from Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY.

Our Collaborations with Patient Advocacy Organizations   Top
EmergingMed hosts privately branded Clinical Trial Navigation Services for advocacy groups who want to bring unbiased, actionable clinical trial opportunities to their constituents. EmergingMed also collaborates with patient advocates on education and outreach programs to raise awareness of clinical trials among targeted groups. These clinical trial call-to-action campaigns encourage participants to engage clinical trial matching and referral services and register to receive updates when new clinical trials become available that match a person’s specific clinical and genomic profile.


How We Get Paid   Top
EmergingMed's clinical trial matching, referral, and navigation services are provided free of charge to patients and physicians searching for clinical trials. EmergingMed receives monthly subscription fees for processing phone-based and/or web-based clinical trial inquiries on behalf of other organizations (e.g., patient advocacy groups, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, trial sites and research networks, and diagnostic companies). EmergingMed is never paid for referring or enrolling a patient in a trial.


Sponsorship   Top
EmergingMed is a private company owned and operated by Final Four Health Solutions, LLC, a family-owned organization dedicated to accelerating the development of new and better treatments for people with serious and life threatening conditions. EmergingMed and FFHS' are headquartered at 2605 Meridian Parkway, Suite 115, Durham, NC 27713. EmergingMed has chosen not to accept investments from trial sponsors to ensure that our services remain unbiased.


Letter from the CEO   Top
Late one Sunday evening In January 1999, my husband called me on his cell phone from a taxi. He was seriously ill and on his way to the hospital. The doctors were able to stabilize him temporarily, but they recommended additional surgery. My husband refused to undergo what would be a long, difficult operation that would require months of recovery. I was obviously upset - not only about my husband's condition, but also about his apparent unwillingness to accept the recommended treatment.

I was torn between the competing desires to respect his choices and to convince him to get treatment immediately. I began to search for treatment options, mainly through the Internet, but found the information presented too simplistic, too scientific, or too voluminous. By chance, a friend in California sent my husband an article about an alternative surgery at another hospital that had only recently been developed. This surgery was being performed only a few miles from our home in New York City, yet we had never heard about it. My husband underwent this surgery, and seventeen years later is still doing fine.

EmergingMed created its clinical trial matching and referral system to quickly and accurately connect patients with appropriate clinical trial options. We added personalized education and one-on-one support with Clinical Trial Navigators to help families make sense of these options, understand the narrow timeframes for joining a clinical trial, and identify and fix barriers that might otherwise interfere with a family's ability to seriously consider enrolling in a clinical trial.

No family should ever have to ask: "Why didn't anyone tell us?"


Courtney Hudson
CEO and Founder, EmergingMed

Modified: August 2017
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